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    24*6 support to our centers for any VoIP , IVR , ACD , TFN , DID and Mobile VoIP related queries . VoIPminutes is a turnkey call center technology solutions provider with Mobile VoIP , VoIP , IVR , CRM Solutions for call centers and SME s

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    Generic issue with resellers is a blame game among bandwidth, VoIP and Mobile VoIP vendors , Hence with VoIPminutes Inc , Clients/Resellers attain stability under a single roof.

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    Mobile VoIP + VoIP Combos for resellers , Hosted / Cloud / Mobile VoIP Server Solutions for Calling card Vendors

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    Price: Lower than your lowest bidder Quality: Free/Paid Demo,300+ Live Reference Clients / Best Retail VoIP routes for India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and UAE Reseller Discounts / Reference Incentives

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    What is IVR :
    IVR Solutions IVR is a computerised telephony voice platform, it automates various customer services and gives much needed control to the end user. IVR leverages the latest developments in Computer and telephony industry. IVR provides callers with a menu of options for navigating the phone system to reach the department or phone number they desire. An auto attendant can be quite simple, or it can provide advanced features such as voice recognition and text-to-speech translation. So, When you dial your phone banking A pre-recorded voice greets you, guides to avail various services provided by the bank and Acts as a navigator to get right information sought by you.


    Why You Need Interactive voice Response System
    Round the clock Customer Support Cost Effectiveness Scalability Helps you to create your Company’s Brand Secure your Business, IVR secures sensitive caller data
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    Who Are We? What Do We Do?
    Avyukta is a turnkey call center technology solutions provider with soft / hard predictive Dialer , VoIP , IVR , CRM Solutions for call centers and SMEs


    Pricing Plans Dialer-VoIP-Hosted
    Dialer / ACD Rental @ 600/Seat/Month Dialer / ACDPurchase @ 2900/Seat Dialer +VoIP @ .59 INR/Min for US/UKLL/Canada Hosted / Cloud / Dialer Server @ 700/Seat/Month [Prices mentioned valid for 20+ Seats]


    Generic Customer Concerns
    Price: Lower than your lowest bidder Quality: Free/Paid Demo,99 Live Reference Centers / Online Webinar / Presentation Others: Money Refund Policy , Reseller Discounts / Reference Incentives


    Avyukta Intellicall Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies on turnkey platforms and bundled solutions to avail single vendor coordination with the end clients for Bandwidth , VoIP , Digitial CTI / PRI /T1 / E1 / Cards / GSM Gateways / FCT Solutions though a reliable and risk free channel partnership and official resellerships
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    "Architecture Models"
    Architecture PRI Domestic Call Center Hosted   Architecture VoIP International Call Center Premised Multiserver Clustered Setup
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    "Must See Videos"
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    Cloud Telephony


    Call Recording
    Enable automatic recordings for all inbound and outbound calls. You can configure your SuperReceptionist to record every call (on user consent) in IVR system. This allows you to download single or multiple recordings in future to monitor the quality of support or analyse the log to tell apart customer calls from prospects.


    Multi Agent Access
    With Multi-Agent, you have complete control and access to the database, while your agents can only review their respective call logs, even in your brief absence. This secures customer information; and ensures clarity and focus in resolving customer service complaints.


    SMS E-mail Notification
    Stay up-to-date with email or SMS alerts for new voicemails and customer calls that go unanswered.


    Unified Management
    Unified Management allows you to add or delete forwarding numbers, modify settings, access logs and recordings, from a single panel.


    CRM Integration
    Seamlessly integrate with most popular CRM softwares like FreshDesk, Salesforce, Zendesk and many others to ensure up-to-date records and deliver personalized customer service. With SuperReceptionist, you can streamline valuable customer requests, effortlessly synchronize data, and optimize workflow to incrementally enhance your business efficiency.


    Advance Call Recording
    Automatically route incoming business calls to multiple phone numbers sequentially or simultaneously, until the call is answered. With Advanced Call Forwarding you will be able to define call routing in three unique modes – Parallel, Sequential or Round Robin based on specific criterias like day of the week, timings, geography, caller ID and much more.
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    An IP PBX is a private branch exchange acts as the central switching system for phone calls in the buisness that switches calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Old PBX is made up of two key elements: lines and stations. The lines, sometimes also called trunks, are connections to the global public switched telephony network through the telephone companies. Stations are simply a device like telephones or other endpoint devices fax machines, modems. PBX systems handle internal traffic between stations and behave as the gatekeeper to the outsider.

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    "PRI & Bandwidth Solutions"

    PRI is a telecommunication interface carrying voice and data transmission betweem network and a user using ISDN(Integrated Service Digital Network). PRI provide telecommunication services to offices. It based on T-carrier(T1) line in US and Canada,it consist 24 channels and E-carrier(E1) line in Europe consist 32 channels.

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    VoIP Minutes Inc has been one of the business boons for my VoIP business here in UAE , For past 4-5 Years , i have struggled to find a reliable VoIP vendor until i interacted with the VoIP Minutes Inc team who gave me a not only a flawless VoIP but flexible support and transparent relationship where i am never worried about my bypassing clientele

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